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Whitewright Public Library

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Help the library each time you purchase from

The Whitewright Library is an Amazon Associate. For each purchase made after clicking our referral link, the library will receive a percentage of the sale. This applies to almost all products, including e-books and MP3s, as long as the referral link is clicked first.

The library receives Amazon gift certificates as payment, which we use to purchase new materials, primarily DVDs and audiobooks. This extra bit of income can make a huge difference for our collection.

Remember to click the link first each time, and follow us on Facebook for updates on funds raised. We also have a wish list available.

Amazon Associates Amazon Wishlist

Why doesn't the library use the Amazon Smile program? It's for groups that have a 501(c)3 tax exemption, which the library doesn't have. It also only gives a 0.5% donation. We are eligible for Amazon Associates, which gives a 4-10% donation depending on the items, but does require clicking the link on our site first. Thanks for your support!