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Details of some of the items available in our  Amazon.com Store. Items listed here are sold and shipped by the library, but sold via Amazon.com. Other items in the store are of local interest.

Gladys Ray (aka G.B. Ray and Bright Ray) was a library supporter when it was founded in 1967, leaving many books to the library upon her death in 1968. She also gave the library the rights to continue publishing her two books as an ongoing fundraiser.

Murder at the Corners by G.B. Ray

Details the Lee-Peacock Feud which took place from 1867 to 1871 in the contiguous corners of Fannin, Grayson, Collin, and Hunt counties.

Originally published in 1957, our trade paperback reprint edition is copyright 2002 (2nd edition published 2017).


Ebook edition now available!

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Legends of the Red River Valley by Bright Ray (aka G.B. Ray)

Collection of stories from the early days of the Red River Valley.

Originally published in 1941, our reprint edition is 258 pages, bound with a color photocopy of the original dust jacket.

Clearance Sale! Originally $15, now just $1.00 while supplies last.


Freebee: The Story of a Good-for-Nothing Horse, Recorded by Lynn S. Renau, Illustrated by Marilyn Todd-Daniels

Taryston, a magnificently bred Arab, was a failure at everything. Even his own mother said so. Sent to Kentucky for a timid teenager, Taryston ends up in the hands of an inept dressage rider instead. Nicknamed Freebee, the gentle gelding makes friends with older, wiser horses who introduce him to the Cosmic force that governs them.

Then fate and a hard fall shatter Freebee's world. He is given away again, this time to Thoroughbred racing's renowned "Buck" Huitt and his wife, Shirley. Ridden by Shirley's granddaughter, Freebee becomes a winner, but not before jealous rivals nearly kill him and extraordinary friendships change the whole meaning of his life.

Note: Freebee is illustrated by Whitewright artist Marilyn Todd-Daniels, founder of the Woodsong Institute of Art.



Great Drops of Blood Falling Down to the Ground By Joe W. Chumbley

Joe Wilson Chumbley was born and reared at Kentucky Town, mid-way between Tom Bean and Whitewright, Texas. This book's subject is "Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc."