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Murder at the Corners by G.B. Ray

Details the Lee-Peacock Feud which took place from 1867 to 1871 in the contiguous corners of Fannin, Grayson, Collin, and Hunt counties.

Originally published in 1957, our trade paperback reprint edition is copyright 2002 (2nd edition published 2017).

Of all the painful times in the history of our country, there is no period harder or more painful for more people than the years that followed the close of the War Between the States. The thoughtless and bigoted in the North rejoiced at the fall of the Confederacy, but there was no rejoicing among true Southerners. Almost every man, woman, and child in the South suffered through these difficult and bewildering years.

Over most of the stricken South it was a question of survival, and of saving what­ever was possible from the rapacious carpetbaggers, the unjust taxation, and the freed­men. This was bad enough.

But in north-central Texas, where the counties of Grayson, Collin, Fannin, and Hunt joined, the postwar misery was sharply and for long years augmented by the flaming of a dreadful feud. Captain Bob Lee, late of the Army of the Confederate States of America, was at the center of this feud. His was a personality and character that all too fatally fit­ted him for his tragic role.

Captain Bob and his family were educated, and at the time of their coming to Texas had brought with them an undetermined amount of gold from Virginia. It was this gold, and the naive arrogance of the unconquered Confederate cap­tain, that gave birth to the blood-letting.

Captain Bob's home district-the Corners had been infiltrated by Redlegs from Kansas, by renegades and bushwhackers. These ruthless men set out to get both the cap­tain and his gold.

What success they had, and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of literally dozens of men on both sides of the quarrel, is told in the present book. The author has not only done an excellent job of hunting out the truth; the book is exceptionally well and clearly written, and the breathless reader will follow the course of escapes, robbery, and murder with all the intense interest he would bestow on the very finest suspense novel.


Legends of the Red River Valley by Bright Ray (aka G.B. Ray)

Collection of stories from the early days of the Red River Valley.

Originally published in 1941, our reprint edition is 258 pages.

OUT OF STOCK. New printing in the works, and we'll post the new price as soon as it's ready.

Great Drops of Blood Falling Down to the Ground By Joe W. Chumbley

Joe Wilson Chumbley was born and reared at Kentucky Town, mid-way between Tom Bean and Whitewright, Texas. This book's subject is "Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc."