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Whitewright Public Library

Eclipse 2024

Total Eclipse of the Park

Join us for a pre-eclipse workshop on April 4th, 6 p.m., in the library's Community Room. Learn what eclipses are, how to protect your eyes, and how to participate in Citizen Science projects.

Workshop is free, but space is limited.

Some tips for attending the eclipse event:

  • Bring your own chair, blanket, etc. Picnics are welcome.
  • If you'd like to eat at a local restaurant, we have a list that includes their hours for April 8th.
  • There is no restroom onsite at the park. There are public restrooms at the Municipal building, 206 W Grand (same building as the library). This is about 3 blocks from the park.
  • If you'd like an easy way to keep up with your eclipse glasses, consider a glasses chain with clips. You can purchase ready-made, or make your own using alligator clips.

Eye Safety

  • Do not look directly at the sun without eclipse glasses! The only time you can look directly at the eclipse is during totality, when the sun is completely covered by the moon.
  • Eclipse glasses cannot be used to look through a telescope (or binoculars or anything else that concentrates sunlight). Eclipse glasses are designed to look directly at the sun and not through anything that concentrates sunlight. Concentrated sunlight can burn through eclipse glasses.



Citizen Science Projects

  • Citizen Science Month
  • SunSketcher - Determine the sun’s shape with better precision during the April 2024 Eclipse.
  • Solar Eclipse Safari - Animal behavior changes during the eclipse…but how? Join the Solar Eclipse Safari so, together, we can discover how an eclipse affects animals. 
  • GLOBE Eclipse - a temporary tool on the GLOBE Observer tool that will help document air temperature and clouds during an eclipse.
  • Eclipse SoundscapesHow does life on Earth, specifically wildlife, respond to eclipses? Participants will observe during the eclipse and then submit their observations on the project website about whether or not they noticed changes in animal behavior and sounds during the 2024 total solar eclipse. 

2024 Eclipse Map of Texas