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Whitewright Public Library

Total Eclipse of the Park

Preparing for Total Eclipse

Join the Whitewright Public Library on Thursday, April 4th for a pre-total solar eclipse workshop. Learn what eclipses are, how to protect your eyes, and how to participate in Citizen Science projects. The program is for all ages and will be in the library’s community room at 6 p.m.

Total Eclipse of the Park

On Monday, April 8th, the library will host “Total Eclipse of the Park” at the Whitewright Historical and Nature Park (aka The Duck Pond), in the 200 Block East Spruce Street, from noon until 3 p.m. Attendees will receive FREE solar eclipse glasses from the Whitewright Public Library while supplies last.

The library has received solar viewing glasses from the Space Science Institute, funded with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. We also want to thank the staff of the Goshen County Library in Torrington, Wyoming. They were in the path of the Great American Eclipse in 2017 and sent their leftover unused glasses for our upcoming total eclipse.

For Whitewright, the eclipse begins at 12:25:15 p.m., and totality will begin at 1:43:07 p.m. and end at 1:45:44 p.m., for a total of 2 minutes and 37 seconds of totality. You can bring a picnic lunch, and we’ll have eclipse activities available. All ages welcome!

It’s a can’t miss event, with the next total eclipses in the continental United States in 2044 (North Dakota and Montana) and 2045 (California to Florida – closest totality will be in Oklahoma). It’s estimated there won’t be another total solar eclipse in our area for 300 years!

Visit for more eclipse information, including animations showing what it will look like in Whitewright or another city, videos explaining how eclipses work, and sources for live streaming of the eclipse. Call 903-364-2955 for more information about the workshop and eclipse event.