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Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library receives grant

The J. Frank Dobie Library Trust is honored to announce that the Whitewright Public Library has been selected to receive a grant in the amount of $2,500 to purchase books for the library’s collection.

Frank Dobie was a legendary folklorist, writer, and newspaper columnist best known for his many books depicting the richness and traditions of life in rural Texas during the days of the open range. Mr. Dobie, born in 1888, loved reading and books from an early age. Growing up on a ranch in rural Live Oak County in southwest Texas, he learned firsthand how vital public libraries in small, particularly rural, areas are to their communities.

The J. Frank Dobie Library Trust was established by Mr. Dobie in 1963, when he wrote his will such that the majority of his substantial estate would go to the support of small Texas libraries for the express purpose of purchasing books.

When he established the trust, Mr. Dobie said, “Just think. Years from now, a book bought with Dobie Trust funds may open the mind of some young person and change the direction of his life.”

Multiple grants have been awarded each year since 1976. A major criterion for the grants, which are quite competitive, is the extent to which the library is supported by its community. Being selected to receive a Dobie grant thus reflects not only the importance of the library to the community it serves, but also the strength of the entire community.

WPL will focus on expanding the selection of chapter books and graphic novels. If you have a suggestion, please contact library staff.