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Whitewright Public Library

Wish Lists

The library maintains multiple wish lists at Amazon (though you're not required to purchase from there). We use them to keep track of upcoming titles we need, older books we'd like to have, and even items for our Library of Things as well as programming materials.

We have them sorted by type, so you can browse the section you'd like to support. 

New and Replacement Books (Adult)

Juvenile and Young Adult Books

Graphic Novels


DVDs (Non-Fiction)

Library of Things


Supplies and More

We're also looking for a few things you might have around your home.

We need used plastic gift cards or similar cards (no credit cards please) that we can use to punch new picks for our guitar and ukulele. You can put them in an envelope or plastic bag and put in our book drop if you can't come by during library hours.

We have several types of storage containers on our lists for use with our Library of Things and storage within the library, but we can also make use of clear plastic zipped bags such as those bed sheets or other bedding sometimes come in. 

The library also accepts cash donations to purchase new materials. Public support makes our work in the community possible. Thank you!